The year ahead

Today I want to talk about making goals, the method I like to use and what I hope to get out of the year ahead. I know, I know, you have probably seen several of these posts throughout the past month. I have too, but there is something about reflecting on the year ahead that interests me and I hope it does for you too.

The eighteen year old Sarah would never have been the one to set goals in the hope of achieving them all. Only the past few years have seen me write down my goals with my best friend Maddie just before the new year starts. It has become a tradition of sorts between us which I really enjoy. We spend some time reflecting on the previous year which creates us to start thinking about our goals for the year ahead. We both break it into different categories depending on what is happening in our lives. I am excited to share what my goals are for the year in hope to inspire some of you to write your own! Writing goals is an exciting thing as I think it is important to reflect and set challenges for yourself no matter how big or small. It creates your mind to look forward to things, motivate yourself and others around you and push yourself to do things you are afraid or skeptical of.

The past month I have done a few different methods to write down my goals; a mind map, a categories list (in months) and a dot point list (in years). I prefer to hand write mine as I am always on the computer for everything else, but online works well also. Methods will vary on the person. You may even find a few months or half the year down the track, that you want to add to or change your goals, and that is okay too. As long as you keep to the track you feel is right, it doesn’t matter if things change along the way. I have learnt over the past year or so that change is a good thing, something to embrace not shy away from. It may not always be pleasant, but it is a part of life. Without further ado, here are my 2017 goals!

  1. Personal: 
    – Read 20+ books throughout the year and log them on GoodReads
    -Go on a holiday whether for one week or one month to relax and explore
    – Learn more cooking recipes for work meals and snacks
    – Post regularly on the blog!
    – Progress with my guitar skills (Learn Tab Chords and picking)
    – Polish my writing and editing skills (attend a Writer’s Victoria day course once every one to two months
    – Look into learning piano again
  2. Fitness:
    – (Short- Term) Do 20min every second day for the next month to get back into it
    – (Long- Term) Be working out three to four times a week +improve with flexibility
  3. Financial:
    – Save enough money to move out this year, go on a holiday comfortably and still have savings left over
  4. Business and Career:
    – Be happy and challenged in my new full-time job
    – Learn as much as possible
    – Plan to do a Master of Writing and Publishing further down the track

I find breaking my goals into these categories is effective and using bullet points helps me to see things clearly. Let me know in the comments below what your 2017 goals are and what method you use to write them.

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