The power of the author | JK Rowling

An author’s words on the pages of a novel create such impact and joy for the reader to consume. Some novels bring a simple sense of pleasure, others will challenge the thought or opinion process, and a few will make the reader doubt ever considering to pick it up to begin with.

The power of the author is something I have been considering lately. It made me think about one author I continue to enjoy, someone who no matter what the story line, plot or characters, brings me joy and a new thought to consider – J.K. Rowling.

I don’t think I will ever get tired of her way with words, they are truly something else. Some may be doubtful of her fantasy fiction series ‘Harry Potter’. I myself love the series, it is the main reason that brought me to love Rowling’s literature so much. She takes character development to a whole new level. You as the reader feel you know the characters more than Rowling herself.

The series provide the reader with a connection, one that can make someone feel comforted no matter what is happening in their reality. Rowling’s words allow a form of escapism into the land of fantasy where anything is possible, even magic. She creates the reader to feel all encompassed with each novel. You want to do nothing more or less than sit in a comfortable spot and read for hours on end. Rowling ties up novel endings neatly for the reader. There is never a “why did it end like this?” moment; it is always a satisfied completion.

Her crime novels are just as brilliant. Written under the pseudonym ‘Robert Galbraith’, they are not your ‘typical’ crime novels, but a style similar to that of works such as Sherlock Holmes. The series explores more than a murder or crime, it looks into the lives of the wealthy and poor and personality traits of central characters. Rowling as always creates a story line with so much jam packed into it. The reader has an excitement of never-ending literary joy. Her character development is splendid. You enjoy the character Cormoran Strike even though he is portrayed as slightly eccentric and unattractive.

I could oddly go on forever about the joy Rowling’s novels bring me. I guess that’s what is so special about someones favourite author. They make the person feel happy and inspired with words.


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