A line from Eleanor Roosevelt

‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent’ – Eleanor Roosevelt

I read this quote yesterday afternoon whilst scrolling through GoodReads. I didn’t have a particular purpose for its discovery, but it resonated with me most at the time. I (among many others I am sure), forget I am the only person that can control how I allow others to make me feel: it may be happiness, sadness, guilt or fear, but you get the idea. I reflected on how I currently allow others to influence my well being. I don’t consider myself a pushover, yet the quote made me pause and think, I could do this better, I could control who I allow into my space. See what I did there? Even as I type, I say “could” instead of “can”. It is interesting how the tenses we use influence our frame of mind. I need to work on that. Damn… I did it again. Let’s correct this: I will work on preventing others making me feel inferior without my consent. Has a quote or passage provoked your thoughts recently?

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