Feeling under the weather & house sitting

I hope you are all well – long time no speak! I thought I would have a little chat about what I have been up to the past month. I am currently stuck in bed all day from the flu but luckily on the mend! Tomorrow will be the usual nine to five work for me – how was the month of July for you all?

I have been house sitting my cousin’s place for over a month now which has been fun and insightful. I enjoy having my own routine and being closer to Melbourne. It’s given me opportunities to go out and explore a lot more. Living out of home has given me the ‘you’ve got this’ feeling – I like it.

One of the many recent weekends was spent on a day trip up in the mountains of Olinda with my best friend Maddie. The weather was incredible: it was nice to get away from the city to be around nature and fresh air (I’m still surprised by how different it is).

Another weekend was spent walking through the Gardens in Fitzroy- more local but equally as pleasant. We explored the native plants and lay in the sun for what felt like hours. I have learnt to appreciate the weekends much more the past few months, it has been refreshing to say the least.

I’ve been spending plenty of quality time with friends: relaxing in the South Yarra Botanical Gardens, going out for drinks and trying new cafes. It has been the simple things I love most when catching up. It is crazy how much being outside in a park with fresh air can do for the mind.

The month of July has seen me gain more confidence with playing guitar in front of family and friends. It’s a hobby of mine, one that relaxes me and makes me feel happy and confident. I never see it as something to show and tell for others, but my best friend Maddie has encouraged me to be more public with it, and you know what? – it feels good.

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