Landline by Rainbow Rowell | recently read

What is it about? –

An exciting opportunity to create and write a TV sitcom arises for Georgie just before the Christmas holidays. A family trip with her husband Neal and two young children is all planned, yet Georgie chooses to stay for the job, with Neal deciding to take the children on holiday regardless. Assessing her choices, Georgie tries to salvage her relationship and discovers a way to contact Neal’s past twenty-two year old self. Landline explores the hardships of love, and the sacrifices we must make for one another to balance life.


– My thoughts –

I was recommended this novel by my best friend who read it in three days. After hearing that, I knew I needed to read it for myself. I will put it out there straight up – I was very impressed.

The novel captures character personalities to perfection: flawed, raw, relatable and engaging. You are initially unsure of the main characters Georgie and Neal – they are far from perfect and at times get a little irritating to read. Then the story line starts to develop, and your initial opinion on the characters changes. It took me just over fifty pages to get stuck into it, but after a week of back and forth ‘one chapter a day’ reading, I powered through the entire novel in one day: it was that good.

My most loved elements of Landline are the small moments Rowell creates of having a crush or first love – the side glances, infatuation, uncertainty, and overwhelming bliss of being in the person’s presence. The characters are realistic, flawed, funny and so much more. It creates you as the reader to think about the choices made in life and how one moment can change the course of things forever.

I would highly recommend this one to anyone who enjoys a quick fiction read with an imaginative plot and relatable characters.

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