Noosa | a trip away

For the past week I have been away on holiday in Noosa, Queensland! I thought it was an ideal time to take a quick break as Melbourne seems to be getting colder by the day… One of the things I conquered on this trip was flying solo. For someone who isn’t a fan of flying I was quietly pleased with myself that I actually enjoyed both flights and kept myself at ease in moments of discomfort (awkward turbulence I wished didn’t exist).

The holiday for me begun on the flight up as I watched the sun rise above the clouds and settle in for the day ahead. My days consisted of shopping along the main street and talking to the local shop owners; reading and tanning by the pool; getting a coffee from the local cafe each morning; and taking a long hike through Noosa National Park. I couldn’t help but be in awe of the incredible landscape: clear blue waters and kilometres of trees. The views along my walk were nothing compared to what I am used to back home. It was very peaceful – a completely different pace and vibe to Melbourne – and by the end of my trip I felt completely relaxed.




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