Me Before You, After You & Still Me by Jojo Moyes | recently read

Me Before You

Let me start off my saying that I have never cried more reading a book than I did reading the final chapters of this. Having seen the film adaption a couple of times I had familiarised myself with the characters and storyline. Although the book is written very simply, there is a lot of emotion coming out of the pages that I adored. It covers the topic and debate for someone’s right to take their life into their own hands in extreme circumstances. I enjoyed reading the relationship develop between the central characters Louisa and Will. The situations and events they encountered in their time together felt very memorable as a reader even though it is fictional. For this review I don’t want to go into too much detail that will ruin how the book is written, but I will say that it is a worthwhile read.

After you

I absolutely loved reading the second book. Me Before You is definitely more emotional however, with After You there is a focus on seeing Louisa bloom into the person she chooses to be. The sequel is definitely romantically driven which I quite enjoyed reading. Now that the journey follows the life of Louisa the story feels more engaging and interesting. There is a more direct path to read along to and as the reader I wanted to find out what happens to her. This book does a great job at keeping the reader in suspense and awaiting the next book without knowing what will happen.

Still Me

While the style in terms of voice and storyline stay the same with the third book, there was an element of this is alright. The book continues with Louisa Clark’s journey but this time in New York City. Moyes keeps the consistency and warmth of her words going, introducing new characters that challenge Louisa and complement her journey toward happiness. This was still an enjoyable and engaging read but it did lose it’s spark in comparison with the first two books.

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