Welcoming the New Year

I don’t know about you, but the end of 2018 and the start of 2019 has flown by in a blur. Luckily they are all positive things but something about working over the holiday season combined with a lot of socialising, causes time to fly by. Something exciting happened to me in the last year: I’m in a relationship with someone very special. We’ve been together since last June and I have been living with him for the last couple of months. He has changed my life in more positive ways than I can count and fills me with such happiness and love: it’s a pretty special feeling. How is January treating you all? Making year–long resolutions seem to feel more stressful than short–term ones. I’ve been thinking about month–long goals instead that seem to be cliché but I’ll list them anyway: getting back into fitness, catching up with friends, family and saving money. I have a few travel plans I want to conquer this year – Japan for starters. As January tends to be a reflective time, there has been a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ happening for the website. Introducing new topics and the way posts are structured are just a couple of additions so far. You may also notice a new layout to the site. Things are slowly taking shape and I can’t wait for them to unfold. Have you made any goals for yourself, big or small, to kickstart the year?


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