Masters | Year One

Now is a better time than any to reflect on my past year of postgraduate study. I’m back for year two doing a Master of Writing and Publishing at RMIT University. Having now dropped to part-time I’m currently a third of the way through my course. For some context, I studied an undergraduate Arts Degree for four years (2013–2016) before having a full-time job throughout 2017. The year of 2018 was a time of me stepping back into the classroom at a different university and studying full-time again. There is definitely something comforting and satisfying about doing a postgraduate course. You have enough information and experience but there is also a lot of change and hard work that comes with it.

I found semester one a mixture of emotions and preconceived expectations. My assumption of what a publisher does and how they get there was turned upside down (in a good way). Getting back into study was daunting I’m not going to lie. My mind went back and forth the first month, doubting whether I’d made the right choice or not, before deciding that I’d see it through. The assignments were steady and once explained easy to follow and finish. Mind you, I wasn’t working at the time so I could commit all my effort into studying and achieving good grades. Making friends was easy and rewarding – I hadn’t experienced group hangs or catch ups in my previous degree so this was a nice change.

Semester two was a slightly different (yet still enjoyable) experience. I felt comfortable in my environment: I had a group of great friends, knew where to go and how the assignments worked. The biggest adjustment? I was now working two to three times a week, started an internship once a week, in a new relationship with my time stretched super thin. I found it difficult to complete my assignments and obtain a decent mark. When you spend so much time and money on a course you want to achieve top marks. When that doesn’t happen, panic and confusion kicks in. All in all, I learnt a lot about myself, others and the course.

I finished the year with a mixture of results I was happy with, a group of incredible friends I spent every week with and a fresh perspective on what I wanted to do. I decided studying full-time was too much at this stage in my life, so I have now dropped to part-time. Seeing the course load ahead I know I’ll be able to manage it a lot better. It’ll give me room to breath, achieve better marks, work and finish off my internship. I definitely don’t regret doing this course, if anything it has opened my eyes to an array of possibilities. I’m glad I’ve met incredible people, have come into myself a lot more and tried new things. Studying does wonders for your confidence, opportunities and social skills. I’m braced and ready for the year ahead.

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