Masters | Year Two

If any academic year has challenged and stressed me in more ways than I can count, it’s this one. When people would say phrases along the lines of: ‘oh wow, a master, that sounds really hard’ or ‘enjoy that, it’ll be a tough one (laughs)’ I brushed it off. Not in an arrogant way, but in an ‘it won’t be that bad surely, will it?’ It wasn’t necessarily the typical stresses that got to me, more so the constant juggle of work, life and study and the assignments that appeared so complex but ended up being not so bad in the end. If I’ve learned anything (aside from how to edit properly and write) it’s that a Master is designed to push and challenge you in more ways than you could ever think possible. It wants you to stretch your arms up high, and go even higher. It wants you to re-think every decision you’ve made leading up to this point. And it wants you to feel an immense sense of reward and relief for having gotten through another assignment, let alone a semester. As I reach the final three weeks of my second year and look ahead (with slight apprehension) to my third and final year, I feel so many things: anticipation, achievement, longing, nostalgia, determination. You get the picture. I could go through a rundown of this year’s projects, or the highs and lows, but what I want is to be reflective. And that’s exactly what this post is.

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